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No One Will Ever Read This

2009-11-19 12:08:14 by Navypup

Well, the title says it all.....but...yeah, I'm still kinda active on here. I wish I had Fruity Loops, but right now all I have of it is the demo, so I can't really create any awesomeness. Ah well. I'll get it eventually! So, to anyone that even knows this user page exists....Hi! Well, time to go practice some more.....gotta love being a music major! =D

Peace Out NG,



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2009-11-19 13:00:41

Practice makes perfect no? What instrument you be playing then?


2009-11-19 13:06:18

With that title you draw my attention more!
If it is music software you seek then I will give you a source or two!
try these sites:

if you do find what your huntin' but it is in a .rar format, go to and get this guys full free program and you are set!

May the source be with you!


2009-11-20 15:09:19

Thanks for the help! Much appreciated :) Also, I play the French Horn. Pretty awesome instrument if I do say so myself.....although I also play piano and acoustic guitar.