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Posted by Navypup - November 19th, 2009

Well, the title says it all.....but...yeah, I'm still kinda active on here. I wish I had Fruity Loops, but right now all I have of it is the demo, so I can't really create any awesomeness. Ah well. I'll get it eventually! So, to anyone that even knows this user page exists....Hi! Well, time to go practice some more.....gotta love being a music major! =D

Peace Out NG,


Posted by Navypup - August 22nd, 2009

I felt bad, having not submitted ANYTHING to the portal EVER. I mean, isn't that the point of this site? To enjoy others' creations but also contribute something of your own? Well, that's what it is in my book. Therefore, I have released my first ever submission.....and it sucks. But it's something right?!? Yes. And really, it was because I was bored. But you should go check it out anyway (you meaning the millions of non-existent fans that I refer to in order to create a hilarious atmosphere) so that I can feel all contribute-y and what not. Huzzah! =D

Posted by Navypup - August 7th, 2009

So, this is my first ever news post on Newgrounds. Yay? I'm sure no one knows about me or will even bother to read this, but I figured my page was getting a little bit dull. Until recently, I only really used my account to comment on some of the sweet audio that can be found on here, something I rarely do unless it's really REALLY good. But nowadays I'm a bit more active. As soon as I finish up some of my audio stuff, I might think about submitting something. I don't have anything fancy, just Sibelius 5, so all the classical lovers around here can come and shoot down my stuff. :p

As far as my taste in music goes, most of the stuff that can be found on here intrigues me at least a little bit, although I'm more drawn to a sweet techno mix with plenty of solo stuff in it, as well as well put together D'nB entries here and there. The games on newgrounds don't hurt either.......my favorites are more along the lines of shooters and RPG types, but I play anything that either catches my attention, or is at least a little bit interesting.

As for flash videos, I don't really get into it much. I appreciate good comedic talent as much as the next guy, but it's not really what keeps me coming to newgrounds. I will say, though, that the Awesome series is just that, AWESOME, and that Eddsworld toons are hilariously funny, and are probably some of the only flash toons I watch.

Well, I hope this little chat has benefited some of my non-existent followers (seriously, again, I doubt anyone with a computer will ever read this), but if, by chance, you are reading this, well, feel free to drop a comment! I love feedback, the bad and the good.

So, for now, I shall remain:

A Loyal Newgrounds Fan